7 tips to cook up a romantic dinner for your husband

The number of eat-outs and restaurants seem to increase exponentially. Weekends seem to have become all about combining shopping with eating. Malls are the trendiest places to visit today. So much so, that they seem to have lost the whole charm in dining. Sure there are some nice classy restaurants. But everything has become so commercialised, that it seems to have lost the magical allure of fine dining. It is not personal anymore. With pre-set menus and chef-designed plating, the idea of doing something different for someone intimately is not present.

Dinner at home has many more advantages. For one it is your home. Everything can be set as per your preference. The theme can be set without any inhibitions. You need not worry about what other people will think. The privacy at home is one of the best selling factors of cooking dinner. And the outfits can be as daring and adventurous as you would like them to be.

Tips to cook up a romantic dinner for your husband:

  • Set the mood – a romantic dinner involves pre set environment. The accessories and furnishing of the room can be decorated accordingly. Lovely slow music or even instrumental builds up the mood really well. There is always scope for slow dance later.
  • Cutlerysilverware


An ornamented fancy set will really stand out. Decorative napkins and crystal glasses for the drinks will add to the setting.

  • Menu – A nice glass of wine and your husband’s favourite dishes that could be preferably cooked by you.
  • Decorations – Nothing says love like roses. The petals can be spread across the venue. It must not be overdone, of course. Else it will look like an unnatural movie set.
  • Outfits – the romantic atmosphere will always step up a notch when you dress up for him. It can be a formal dress or something fancy. The little black dress always does the trick. Add some contrasting pearls and you are done.
  • No other distractions – Bid farewell to technology unless you want your date night to be on Instagram! No cell phones, tablets, laptops should be anywhere near you two.
  • Aromatherapydining


Scented candles and potpourri always help in enhancing the ambience

  • Be ready – Nothing kills the mood as being unprepared. Everything must be ready before the husband arrives.

A nice warm welcome to the husband at the door step with a hug will indeed be a good start to what could be a glorious, fun-filled and romantic evening ahead.

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