I’ll admit it…I love reading women’s magazines.

I love almost everything about them…The pictures, articles, tips and the juicy secrets about men.

They’re a fun read and there’s always some funny little fact that I can use or tell my friends about.

But there’s always been something that has kind of bothered me. Don’t get me wrong, I love looking at the pictures of the other beautiful women.

But even though they seem to try to help me look that beautiful, their advice just doesn’t work for me.

Now I refuse to believe that I’m getting to old or that I’m doing something wrong. Why? Because when I finally brought it up amongst my friends, just a while before I began Woman’s Answers…They all agreed!

I’ve been a writer all my life, so I’ve gotten to know the Business side of the job, and let me tell you it’s not as glamorous as it looks on the pages.

Myself and this amazing group of women, and men… built this magazine as a testament to every woman who has ever felt this way but can’t understand why.

Because it really is that much of a secret…but just as we’ve seen everything else in this world change so quickly…The magazines can too!

The problem I couldn’t get over was that the beauty supplies, style tips and health advice were all paid for by the companies that were being recommended and never screened by an expert…and most of the time they turned out to be cheap and ineffective products that could easily be sold to a high school girl with just enough money for a bottle of mascara.*

For a long time I knew it was going on and didn’t think it was fair, but I’m so happy to finally do something about it.

In 2011 I started Woman’s Answers as the answer to this problem that was looming over me every time I opened one of my guilty pleasure reads…But let’s be real for a second. I’m not at all embarrassed about reading or writing these…because I LOVE them.

This time around it’s going to be different.

When I finally decided I was going to take aim at fixing my only issue with these magazines, I vowed that I wouldn’t let myself take advantage of those make-up companies and celebrity endorsed brands with lots of money to sell their useless products.

No. I wanted to do it my way, so that’s what I did. But of course I didn’t do it alone.

Luckily I have such a loving group of friends that were so excited to work with me on this project. Amongst them are a talented group of scientists, skincare professionals, beauty experts and even A sex mentor : )

With this group of ladies and men, I’ve created a place to come where you can find everything that you’ve been missing, plus everything that you’ve loved about your old magazines.*

Our focus, just like Cosmo, Good Housekeeping, Health, InStyle and Women’s Health is on beauty, love, sex and health…but with a twist.

We’re going to tell you the facts…plain and simple.

Like I said, I loved those tips…because a lot of the cool new techniques I’ve learned are fun and useful, but the products they were featuring just didn’t live up to what they said.*

So without further adieu, I introduce to you Woman’s Answers. Where you can go for that guilty pleasure read or have your questions answered find out what worked for others.*

The ladies I told you about before, each with a different set of skills has been gracious enough to work just as hard as I have to create a completely online magazine that thousands of women visit every day.

Whether we are letting you in on a few secrets to get your man going crazy in bed or finding the perfect recipe, there’s going to be a reason for a recommendation

We’re going to chose what we tell you based on the facts…

…That means we fact check and try everything before we tell you about it, and have our experts scientists validate the facts about of the products we look at.

Because when it comes down to it, I feel that this is really what us women are looking for. A team that has your back…and the answers that you’re looking for.

And since you’ve come back to Woman’s Answers… I’m glad that you’ve allowed us to be the team backing you up. Your trust means everything and I promise to treat it with the love and care it deserves.

But if it’s your first time here, I’d like to say welcome and thank you for coming. Take a look around and I’m sure you’ll love what we’ve put so much time in to bring to you.

Before we publish anything it’s checked over for facts to make sure that its true then double-checked based
on published research and reviewed by experts in that field. We’ve moved on from following the fads and replaceable trends to look for what is real.

The scientists and researchers analyze what is being said…and after years of working in major corporations to make world
changing breakthrough, they’ve developed very high expectations.

But I make the final approval for nearly everything that is seen in your magazine…and I don’t want anyone
or myself to feel the frustration of trusting those recommendations just to take untested advice.

After that we look at the safety of our tips and products. We don’t even consider anything with gross chemicals or that are known to cause issues or make your hair fall out…everything that I use and have written in Woman’s Answers focused on
safety backed by facts.

Because I’m not here to waste your time…finding out what works is what I’ve created as a job here at Woman’s Health so it’s even in my best interest to find out what products are the ones that are worth the time and effort.*

So take a look at some of our articles, …there’s a chance you can find something you’re looking for. Or if you’re just looking for some fun new things to try, I’m here for you and want you to hear about that fun.

My name is Rachel by the way, and in the office I’m known as the Editor-in Chief. If you have any questions, tips or just want to say hi I’m usually available… Send me an email. 

When three of my best friends and I started Woman’s Answers, we wanted to fix the problems that we were having with the magazines we love and also help the other women who have been frustrated with these same problems.

I receive dozen of emails every day from women who thank me for solving that exact issue…and I still give my email out because I love reading and responding to those so much.

These messages are the motivation that keeps our writers, designers and researchers going. So if you love what you see or have a tip, my email is rachel@womansanswers.com

And don’t forget to join our newsletter either!

The women who follow Woman’s Answers are numerous and devoted to making sure that they are taking advantage of the best products, so those companies offer you deals as a thank for recognizing their own hard work and quality.

Plus, I’ll let you know when the most juicy articles are published and if there is any news about us (…news for women of course…) that I found life changing recently.

But don’t worry, I find those emails just as annoying as you do. So if you see my name in your inbox you’ll know its something you’ll want to hear about.

So one last time, thank you for checking out Woman’s Answers. I’m so grateful for you’re here and appreciate your trust in me with your mind, body and spirit.

Your Friend,



Founder, Editor-In-Chief


*Suggestions and Results can be experienced differently by different individuals. This website provides information that is based on, published research, individual reviews, and clinical studies examined by the researchers, experts and our editors. Supporting research and information for facts is found directly in the content, or in the “Research” section as well as the “Terms & Conditions” section of WomansAnswers.


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