How To Stay Happy By Yourself?

We often sing to our toddlers a very cheerful and happy song that goes like, “when you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” but in the midst of innumerable chores, we tend to ignore our own happiness. We also tend to depend on others to help us feel happy when one of the greatest teachings of life is that happiness comes from within. When there are too many clothes for laundry, dinner plans are hanging in mid-air, there are ten more articles to proofread and you feel like it has been ages that you have dressed up and gone out somewhere, it’s time to take a break and ask yourself, “How can I stay happy by myself?”
Listed below are a few wonderful ways to be happy on your own. Adopting them is easier than you could ever imagine:
• Prioritise your needs
You might be a mother, a wife, a sister or a daughter but you are yourself to begin with. Instead of placing yourself at the end of the curve, try prioritising your needs. Ask yourself if you need a movie date by yourself, a decent coffee break at a nearby coffee shop and plan your day just for that one hour all by yourself.

• Work Outjumping

When you exercise, your body releases compounds that are known as endorphins. These reduce the perception of pain and are often known to trigger a feeling of euphoria. It is that simple to feel happy by not resorting to a second being.

• Read
Reading is equivalent to visiting new places, meeting new people and having conversations with a crowd. If you love reading, it can fill you up with a hundred reasons to feel happy about everything around yourself. It is not for nothing that people call books as the best companions for life.

• Eat that cake

cakeAs important as working out and staying fit and healthy is, you will also need to cut yourself some slack once in a while. If you have been eyeing that calorie-laden blueberry cheesecake or that chocolate mousse at the baker’s, go ahead and buy it for yourself without giving in to guilt.

• Be proud
Pride always does not lead to a fall. Overconfidence does. If you are confident about yourself and are doing your due diligence, you should keep appreciating your efforts, often, in keeping your family together.

To feel lighter, you can always dress up, smile at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see because not everyone needs to look like a runway model and a little narcissism goes a long way.

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