Why Is Turmeric Healthy For Gut And Pain Management?

Turmeric has gained quite some popularity in recent years. Science has given validity to age-old customs of using turmeric for anti-inflammatory purposes. Modern medicine is suggesting turmeric as a daily supplement to prevent and reduce the occurrences of various disorders.

It is a yellow spice that has its space in various cuisines especially in south Asian cuisines since old times. Science has backed its positive effects on health and is spreading the relevance across the globe.

Turmeric can benefit human body in lot of ways. Turmeric is beneficial for inflammations, depression, cancer, pain, diabetes, arthritis, bowel inflammations, cholesterol etc. It also plays a role in maintaining healthy heart, burning fat and much more.

The Effect

Turmeric has Curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps neutralize free-radicals that damage normal cells. These free-radicals are known for causing joint damage and result in inflammations, arthritis and associated pain. Using Curcumin in its true form or as supplement helps in neutralizing free-radicals, thus reducing pain. This is a revolutionary aspect since there are no adverse effects associated with consuming turmeric extract for medicinal purposes.

Turmeric for Pain Management

Since old times, turmeric was believed to be linked to pain management. Many cultures used it over wounds as antiseptics and recent studies reveal its amazing properties that aide in managing pain.

The European Journal of Pharmacology has published its studies that turmeric is a natural way of enhancing body’s pain relieving response. This is not limited to any particular kind of pain. There is a wide array of conditions of pain that can be treated effectively using Curcumin. 1, 2.

Tips for Consumption

The anti-inflammatory feature of turmeric maintains the stomach acids under control, thus aiding in managing gut pain. The same feature applies to other types of pains as well. But too much consumption could result in stomach upset. So keep a check on the quantity if you are using extract.turmericpil

There are two ways of consuming turmeric- powdered form used as spice or supplement concentrate. The extract is the ideal form when you are recommended to consume higher dose of Curcumin which may not be available through food. Also, some of these extracts come with piperine, content found in pepper which helps better absorption of Curcumin.

The daily dosage of Curcumin depends on your health condition. Though the extract is available over the counter, it is best to analyze your requirement with your physician for accurate levels.

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